I’m Bernadine Rosso and I’ve been coaching and mentoring women of many ages for over a decade.

In 2004, I founded a non-profit program called Womanhood Inspirations for teen girls as a rite of passage, which included outdoor experiential education, rituals to honor this powerful transition and topics pertinent to coming of age, such as sexuality, healthy boundaries, communication, self care and authentic self expression.

For over a decade I have had a thriving massage therapy business. My first women’s retreat on self care and women’s wisdom inspired me to continue creating programs that support women. I fell in love with the healing arts community and found many ways to collaborate, bringing valuable teachings together to educate the general public, and to give the next generation a leg up.

I became a single mom in 2007 and later, after my coaches training in 2011, developed an online program to support women through the transition of divorce called Graceful Divorce. I found tremendous growth through my own difficult and painful experiences and wanted to create a guidance system for women, specifically with young children. Most women going through divorce know that there is a lot at stake and are fearful of their unknown futures, as I had been. I am determined to help transform the experience to one of empowerment and grace.

Women Who Are Up To Something is a platform to support the cultivation of strength, courage, confidence and deep love of self.  My monthly membership program for women is a way for women to connect to themselves and one another to ignite dreams deep inside, create a lifestyle aligned with true priorities, and to develop a healthy work/ life balance.

I believe we all have a deep desire to be witnessed as key element to feeling a sense of purpose, fulfillment and love of life. Fostering a reality that resonates with your heart in the face of the contrast that threatens us in broader world experiences can be one of life’s biggest challenges. My intention is to design a forum and community to grow and flourish in. Expansion becomes the result of conscious and deliberate communication. Action and effective steps to take become clear and you receive support and encouragement in the powerful direction of your choosing.

I’m a visionary by nature. I will never stop dreaming big. I remain dedicated to myself and those who are ready to receive and perceive the miracles of daily life in all of it’s mundane and ecstatic joys. I promise to be a voice for those who have none or who have trouble finding their own, and to simultaneously encourage personal empowerment and responsibility. I have a clear sense of purpose and believe that we each have unique and tremendously valuable gifts to offer our loved ones, communities and the world that encourage the positive evolution of the planet.

I am here to move beyond my fears and perceived limitations. I am here to love big and open my heart over and over again regardless of the pain and setbacks. I am a stand for joyful and breathtaking experiences however momentary or life-changing. I give myself fully to something way bigger than myself, without knowing, but always trusting that the outcome is exactly as it was meant to be for higher learning and expansion into what’s next. I am so grateful for all of my teachers and peers, students and clients, lovers, friends and family… and especially my children, Isabella and Alexander who have given my life the greatest sense of purpose and meaning.