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Women on a quest for depth in our daily lives.

Can you hear the call?

Are you having difficulty balancing business and personal time?

Are there dreams, desires, and passions lying dormant inside of you?

Are you ready to prioritize what is truly valuable to you in your daily actions?

If you connected with like-minded women on a regular basis, how would your life be different?


Stay aligned with your heart because life is full of ups and downs.

Membership includes:


  • Monthly gatherings to create a place to share, connect and be nurtured in a circle of women.

  • Weekly Newsletters to keep you connected to your core, balanced and clear.

  • Recorded lessons and insights for you to listen to at your leisure.

  • Facebook page to connect with other members.

  • Gifts from other professional women in the community!



For $35 per month

It’s like a gym membership but it’s self care for your soul!

Your membership develops a strong foundation for all you do and for what you want to become.

Sunday Evening Gatherings:

Come connect and re-invent. Develop new ways to navigate through the difficult circumstances in your life. Open a door to the deep authenticity inside of you and discover what it might be like to bring that into your daily life in all you do.

20 Minute Recordings:

Tips and tools! A touchstone to stay connected and feeling more grounded. As we are constantly changing and re-evaluating our priorities, these recordings will help lay down the foundation for yourself, over and over again. Release what’s not working for you and make a plan for implementing what will!

Weekly Newsletter:

Consistent guidance and support to keep you on track. There’s a bigger picture to be reminded of when you’re feeling bombarded and overwhelmed by all of the things going on in your life and in the world. Let’s shine the light on your brightest and fullest expressions to keep your confidence high and anxieties at bay.

Facebook Membership Page

With live video, stories, announcements and engagement with other members, this is a place to ask questions and share experiences and ideas. Even make a plan to connect with other women individually out in the community!


Other Professional Women:

There are so many amazing and wise women in my Santa Cruz community and beyond. Every month I will pull from a list of professional women who will share something special with members of Get Your Groove On in areas of health care, personal transformation, experiential education and the healing arts.

Sign up now to align with other like-minded women out in the world!



Hi, I’m Bernadine!


Since I was trained as a coach back in 2011, I have founded several programs to support both teen girls and mothers with young children through rites of passage.


Transitions are difficult for most of us. Our current times have many people doubting their own ability to resource themselves when the uncertainties of the future impose so much overwhelm and sense of defeat.


As a mother of two, and being a single mom for the last 10 years, I am familiar with what it feels like to fear the unknown. Having a stable foundation is essential both emotionally and physically. I learned how to manage my self care, show up as the best mother I could, and to cultivate a sense of fulfillment even when circumstances were not ideal.


Women Who Are Up To Something is about resurrecting your resourcefulness. It’s about re-inventing yourself and your life so that everyday is filled with things you love so you feel vital and joyful on a regular basis. The woman in the logo is “shushing” because conventional stigmas do not condone happiness and lightheartedness but rather complaining and grunting our way through it all. We hold pride in suffering because it relieves us of the guilt we might feel by having a great life when others are not.


There is so much to this “life” thing. So many ways to do it, feel it and play inside of it. When things are out of our control, we have the ability to adapt easily by our nature. Stress caused by resisting what is, is what is killing us.


Ready to find your flow? Willing to align yourself with your highest good?
Contact me to discover what you might be up to next…

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