Are you truly satisfied with the way things are, or are you simply surviving life?
Does how you spend your time revolve around your values and priorities or do you have trouble keeping focus?

What would it be like to work with a life coach?
My coaching is ontologically based.

Ontology is the study of BEING.
How you do one thing is how you do everything.
It’s the lens that you look at life through.
Depending on your upbringing, culture, birth order, financial status, whether you’re a parent or not, where you live, what you do for work, if you’re single or married, etc. you will have a different perspective about how life is and a different set of priorities and values as a result.

If there is an area of your life you’d like to change, focus on or improve, getting from point A to point B becomes your project we will work on together.
Many people will wait for a huge life transition or for some type of crisis to descend upon them, to make a change. In choosing to step outside of your comfort zone in effort to improve your circumstances or to finally start taking actions towards your visions, a life coach will be there to support you and create accountability for you all along the way.

We discover together what your blocks and blind spots are and how to move beyond them more efficiently and powerfully than you would alone.

It’s like having two heads with one to hold objective discernment and positive perspective for you no matter what.


Have a complimentary 20 min discovery session


For $375 receive a 30-45 min Discovery Session and two follow up hour long sessions.

Either one will help to decide if you could benefit from receiving support from me as YOUR life coach in discovering what your highest vision for your future might be.

I look forward to meeting you!


Discovery Session plus Two Coaching Sessions for $375





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